Do you have rental coverage? You might need to contact your insurance adjustor to confirm. Watch the video to learn more.

The typical way to handle that is to contact your own adjuster and ask them – Do you have rental coverage? Rental coverage is not a mandatory part of your insurance contract. There’s an additional premium there but it’s a nice thing to have and that’s the first place you go. You do have a duty to contact your own insurance company and one of the things that you ask them is, Do I have a rental coverage for a car?

If they do not, the at fault party’s insurance company possibly can provide you with a rental car. There really is no statutory requirements for them to do that. They don’t have to do it by law. Someone will provide that and others will not. If they will, our firm can work to arrange that and set you up a rental car. However, if they do not provide the rental car and you do not have it under your own policy. Then that is something that you can recover if you do have to come out a pocket with that. It’s a recoverable item in your personal injury case.