People who have health insurance are often concerned about whether or not it will cover their medical expenses. Howe and Associates explain what type of insurance will generally cover medical bills during a personal injury case in Alpharetta.

The answer to this question is yes.  The health insurance company has an obligation (from you paying the premiums) to pay for your injuries. So the insurance coverage will pay for your medical bills during your personal injury case in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Personal Injury with No Insurance

In many personal injury cases, there is not even any insurance available. People often ask, “can you still even handle a personal injury case if I don’t have any insurance?” The answer to this question is yes, we can help you. There are many medical providers around Atlanta that will provide medical services for you, even if you don’t have insurance. This is typically called a doctor’s lien or a medical lien. In either of these cases, they’ll agree to provide these medical services for you. After medical treatment, they will place a lean on the case which will then be paid for out of the recovery in your personal injury case. This is a smart idea if you do not have health insurance to cover it.

2 Main Types of Insurance

There are many types of insurance. The main two that you will see in a personal injury case are health insurance and medical payments coverage. Medical payments coverage is a type of rider that you can get on your insurance policy.  It covers your payments in an event of an accident, even if it’s not your fault. So, whenever you are involved in an accident, you should always contact your insurance adjuster or agent to find out if you have medley coverage. You can use that coverage for your immediate medical needs.

Health insurance is also available in a personal injury case.  We always advise our clients to first look for medical pay. If you don’t have medical coverage, look to your health coverage policy because that is there for providing treatment for your injuries, and it’s a good thing to use if you’re in an accident. We recommend using your medical pay or health insurance whenever you have an accident and a personal injury case involved.