Why does there needs to be a sense of urgency on hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your case?

Bottom line is your total recovery. Your case starts the minute the accident happened and it needs to be managed immediately at the time. The sooner you contact your firm, the better we can help you in your case. The statistics show that the higher recoveries come when we are hired immediately right after the accident. Often times client will think that they can handle themselves or perhaps they’re not sure what there case maybe worth. I’ve had a lot of clients that call me maybe two weeks after an accident and they just tell me that their case was worth anything, they just really work sure and they don’t really understand. It is important to know that our hire recoveries come on the day of the accident or the day after the accident because we’re able then manage the case from the get go. Treatment is important. Consistent early treatment is a huge factor in your case and as soon as we are hired then we can then start managing your case and work in a total recovery.