People sometimes are hesitant to hire attorneys because they think they cost too much. But that really could be further from the truth.

An experience Personal Injury Attorney can put so much more value in the recovery than someone trying to go all alone and handle their case. We work on a contingency basis which means that were only paid if we collect for you. We do not send a bills out and there’s no money that comes out the pocket for any of our clients. That’s the beauty of a contingency and a personal injury law firm that works on a contingency basis.

There’s really no risk on the client’s part. We are the ones that assess whether or not we feel it’s a good case or whether or not we feel like we want to provide our resources to seek a recovery in that case. So, we’re only paid a percentage of the eventual settlement or recovery that we get in the case. The client really is not out of pocket or anything. No cost, no invoices, and no attorney hourly invoices. The only risk that the clients take  are in choosing perhaps the firm does not have an experience, background in personal injury and does not have a track record of proven personal injury collection results.