As much as Alpharetta, Georgia is beautiful, the streets can be dangerous. Some accidents on the road involve more than two vehicles. Connecting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help determine if more than one person is at fault. If for example, an automobile causes several vehicles to collides how do the motorists determine who is at fault?  When you are involved in a multiple car accident that causes you injury the laws in most states claim that at least one person responsible must provide you with compensation for your injuries through their insurance.

Right After The Accident

When involved in a large accident on the road with several vehicles. Stop and pull over to the side of the road.  Wait for the police to come and fill out a report. Don’t forget to get the insurance information from all parties. This will be beneficial in case you need to file a claim for car repair or personal injury. When one person is insured and another is not it is more beneficial to make a claim against the person that is insured. If you decide to file a claim you should notify all parties involved in the accident. In most cases, filing of a claim can only be agains one person not two.

Taking photos of the accident with your cell phone is a good idea if you are able. Without a official police report it is harder to get compensation for injuries.  After reporting the accident, you should visit a doctor or emergency clinic for injuries. Get a report on your injuries with X-rays and documentation of the care you will need.

Timing is Important

Attorneys will notify the person or persons responsible that you are seeking compensation for the  injuries. They may need to write letters to the insurance agents and the persons involved. Do this early within two weeks as the more time that elapses the harder it is to get compensation.

When you are injured and more than one person is involved contact an injury attorney in Alpharetta Georgia to help you with your case.  Often a chain reaction accident is three or more vehicles that results in cars rear ending each other or hitting each other sideways.

Many Reasons for Multi-Car Accidents

Multiple car accidents often do not result in serious injuries while other times they do. Bad weather often contributes to the accidents or someone that is careless. Sometimes the fault belongs to more than one person talking on a cell phone or not watching the road.  Weather like rain and snow often cause accident with vehicles sliding and skidding.

In this type of accident it is important to get an official police report in event that you want to file a personal injury claim with an accident attorney. A car accident lawyer will need good documentation when you file a claim for injury. When you are injured in a multiple vehicle accident visit a doctor within a few weeks and get a report about your injuries and treatment needed. This is important when filing a personal injury claim against the insurance company of the other driver or drivers.

There are many different type of injuries that results from multiple car accidents. The types of injuries  are spinal injuries, soft tissue injuries, concussions, herniated and bulging disc, head injury and more.That is why it is important to visit a doctor or hospital if you have been injured to seek treatment.

When contacting an injury attorney in Alpharetta, Georgia keep in mind that documentation is needed like a police report and medical documentation. This helps them find the best way to assist you with a  personal injury case