immediately after a auto accident

If you or a loved one has ever been in a car accident, you’re probably familiar with the adrenaline that courses through your body after the impact occurs. It’s easy to forget what steps to take at the moment.

We’re excited to re-introduce the first video in our series called the “Insider Advice Series.” We hear thousands of questions from people facing tough challenges after an auto accident. It’s easy to find information on the internet and end up overwhelmed. Plus, some of that information is just plain wrong and may actually hurt the chances of the best possible legal outcome.

We’ve decided to fight back and share insider information to better inform you and hopefully help you navigate the complex world of personal injury liability law. Watch the video and then continue reading to see what steps you should take immediately after an auto accident

Six Steps To Take On The Scene

1. Call 911

The very first step you should take is to call 911 and report the accident. Insist on police involvement. Calling 911 and waiting for the police to arrive is in your best interest. The police will file a police report detailing the evidence of the accident. This police report will be critical in your case.

2. Take pictures

It’s also important to document everything if you’re able to do so. If you have a smartphone, take pictures at the moment, if it is safe enough to take them. Take pictures of your vehicle, of the other vehicle. Zoom in close and document the damage. Having a record of the damage can prove important in the insurance process. Many people think of taking pictures of the involved vehicles. Don’t forget to also document debris, skid marks, anything that might be connected to the accident.

3. Exchange information with the other driver

Obtain the insurance information of the person who caused the accident. Collect details about their car. Write down the make, model, color, license plate. Exchange driver’s licenses.

4. If it’s safe to do so, leave the vehicles where they are until the police officer arrives

If there is traffic and your vehicle is blocking traffic, creating more danger, go ahead and move your vehicle, carefully, if it’s possible. However, if you’re able to leave the car where it was when the accident occurred, that will help demonstrate responsibility. The police officer who arrives on the scene will be able to include that information in their report.

5. Never admit fault

You may think about apologizing to the other party, but it’s important that you do not admit fault. Each case will have a liability issue. The less you say, the better.

6. Take care of any necessary medical concerns

If you or any of your passengers are experiencing any pain or injuries resulting from the accident, you must see a physician or medical professional immediately. There are several common injuries, such as whiplash or lacerations that may occur. Don’t wait to treat any injuries. Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing.

Four Steps To Take Immediately After an Auto Accident

If you follow the steps above immediately after an accident, you should be well-prepared for the necessary follow up after you get home. The below list isn’t comprehensive, but it is a good place to begin. Accidents can be overwhelming, and you may still feel shaken hours afterward. Having a list to follow can help with that overwhelm.

1. Report the accident to your insurance company

It’s critical that you report the accident to your insurance company without delay. However, you don’t want to speak with them extensively about the accident until you have spoken with an attorney. Do not allow them to record you. Most insurance companies look out for their own interests. You want to have someone who has your back.

2. Reach out to a Georgia auto accident lawyer

Do your own research and find an accident attorney who has worked with cases similar to yours. You never know what the long-term impact will be after a car accident. Although it might seem benign, internal bleeding or other injuries can pop up. A Georgia auto accident lawyer will understand what steps are best for you to take and can advise you.

3. Continue follow-up care for injuries

It’s important that you follow whatever treatment plans your medical provider puts into place. Follow-up care can be expensive. Keep receipts and records of any care.

4. Provide your attorney with a medical release

Providing your attorney with a medical release will allow them to access your medical files. Information in those files may influence the best way to proceed with your case.

Best Georgia Car Accident Attorney

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