Did you know that if you are injured in a car accident, you only have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury lawsuit? Depending on where you live, there are statutes of limitations that determine how long you can wait before filing a lawsuit.

Statute of Limitations in the state of Georgia for Personal Injury Lawsuits

Each state has different laws in place concerning how long you can wait to file a lawsuit after a car accident that resulted in an injury, property damage, or emotional distress. Here in Georgia for example, you can wait up to two years before filing a personal injury lawsuit after an automotive accident. If you only plan to sue for property damages, you can wait as long as four years to file your lawsuit.

It’s Better Not to Wait Too Long

Just because the law in Georgia allows you two years to file your personal injury lawsuit, that doesn’t mean waiting is a good idea. The sooner you file a claim, the better. Since most injuries resulting from a car accident will be apparent immediately after or within days of the lawsuit, we recommend hiring an attorney right away to file your personal injury claim. When working with the insurance companies immediately after your accident, the possibility of a lawsuit will place pressure on them to settle during negotiations.

If you were injured in an automotive accident, and the accident occurred because of another driver’s negligence or faulty equipment, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer will increase your likelihood of winning the lawsuit and obtaining compensation for medical bills, emotional damages, and personal property damage.

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