If you are traveling for pleasure, you expect your time away to be relaxing and enjoyable, if you are traveling for work, you expect your time away to be productive and efficient. But, if you slip and fell in your hotel, all of your plans for your travel were likely interrupted or put on hold indefinitely because of an injury.

A fall while traveling is frustrating, not only are your travel plans ruined, you may also head home with medical expenses and long lasting injuries that could cause chronic pain and stress. In certain circumstances, you may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. First, you must determine who is liable for your fall, as they will be asked to pay damages in your suit.

When is the Hotel Liable for a Slip and Fall?

Hotel owners or employees are not always held responsible for a fall that took place on their property. In order to be found liable, there must be evidence that an employee or the owner was aware of a safety hazard and neglected to resolve the problem before someone was injured. For instance, if winter weather is normal in that area of the country and the hotel neglected to clear and ice and snow within a reasonable time frame, they could be considered responsible for a fall.

When is the Hotel Responsible for Another’s Actions?

In some cases, a safety hazard is caused by a hotel employee or a hotel guest. If a hotel employee acted negligently, causing a fall, the hotel is considered responsible for that person’s actions. However, if a hotel guest causes a safety hazard, the hotel is not responsible for the fall that occurs.

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