Rear-End Car Accidents

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), rear-end collisions account for nearly half of all vehicle accidents that involve two cars. Although they are sometimes thought of as minor car accidents, a rear-end accident’s ramifications can be life-threatening. The amount of force that a car has, even at low speeds, can result in serious injuries. Even if they are not life-threatening, they can be life-altering. Not only do you have to deal with the medical issues, but also long term, if not permanently lost wages. If you have been injured in a rear-end car accident, you should seek legal advice from a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Below is a video showing a recreation of a severe rear-end auto collision.

Video provided courtesy of Accident Injury Centers of Atlanta.

After a rear-end car accident, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself. Although your injuries may not seem significant at the time, many common injuries, such as whiplash and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), may take a day or so to manifest. That’s why you must seek medical assistance immediately after your accident.

Potential Injuries From A Rear-End Car Accident


When you’re struck from behind while operating a motor vehicle, the trauma caused by the sudden impact can lead to serious injury. Typically known as “whiplash,” the sudden snapping of your head or upper torso can often result in the following types of injuries.

  1. Extreme pain
  2. Torn Muscles and Muscle Spasms
  3. Damage to ligaments and tendons
  4. Neck and Upper Back Injuries (Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine, Herniated Disc)

Each of the types of injuries above can have a long-term impact on your physical and emotional health. For example, a herniated disc may limit the potential physical activity you can participate in, impacting everything from exercising to sleeping. A herniated disc occurs when the jelly-like substance that separates the vertebrae in your spinal cord slips out of its space and presses against the nerves. Often, herniated discs can result in sciatica or shooting pain down the side of your leg. If you have a herniated disc or a similar back injury, you may find that you experience chronic pain. Over time, chronic pain can lead to other side effects, such as depression, painkiller addiction, and so forth. Your family life, career, and personal relationships could all be affected.

This snowball effect is why it’s critical to take rear-end collisions seriously and always follow up on medical treatment and care.

Whiplash generally refers to the actual physical motion that occurs; however, the various symptoms present in the days following a car accident are classified as whiplash-associated disorders (WAD).

Burns, Lacerations, and Fractures

Other common injuries when a rear-end accident occurs may include burns from airbag deployment. When you are hit from the rear, often, your airbag will deploy. The airbag force can impact your chest or sometimes even your head or face, depending on your seatbelt’s location and use. Lacerations are most common as a result of the seatbelt bracing your body. If a car hits with enough force, your seatbelt could even cut into your skin and break the surface. If you were aware of the oncoming car, perhaps you gripped your steering wheel subconsciously in an attempt to brace yourself. This can actually lead to severe damage to your wrist and shoulder.

Emotional Injuries

In addition to physical injuries, victims often experience significant pain and mental anguish due to rear-end accidents. They may also lose large sums of money because of the inability to pursue normal employment and incurred medical costs. You may find that your medical visits include physical therapy appointments, occupational therapy appointments, as well as visits for diagnostics. Depending on your injury’s severity, you may require additional help in your home for housework or landscaping. All of these costs add up over time. You may also experience lost wages.

It’s also important not to underestimate the emotional repercussions and damage. There is a lot of added stress and anxiety that can accompany auto accidents and the treatment that follows.

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