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Howe & Associates allowed me to get back to a level of financial comfort and peace of mind after my wreck. I thought that the progress I was making at the time had come to a halt when a young man rear ended me and totaled a car that I had invested in in order to gain financial freedom. Lucky for me I picked a great team to support me. They were about to patiently guide me through a year long process with an intense insurance company. I appreciate everything that they do and more. Highly recommend!

Lindsay R.

I used Howe & Associates for my personal injury case two years ago and LOVED the result. I even referred them to four people that were involved in accidents. THEN, I just recently got into another car accident and knew who to call immediately – Richard Howe at Howe & Associates. They are the ONLY law firm I will ever recommend.

Marvin W.

I must say I was very please with Howe & Associates they did very well on my case made sure all bills was covered & was very kind to my needs & help while going through the case, they even work extra hard to have me walk away with something nice in my pocket after the case was close out so yes If you are looking for a great attorney Howe & Associates is the right place to be..

Joe R.

Definitely a pleasure to work with. I work with many law offices and Howe & Associates is by far the most responsive, prompt and friendly team I’ve encountered. They definitely make it much easier to set clients up for the treatment they need and treat every case of high importance. This is a firm that truly cares about their clients.

Victoria R.

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For over 30 years, Howe Law Firm has been committed to providing high quality legal representation for Personal Injury cases. We are real trial lawyers seeking full justice for real people. v2

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