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Many different injuries can be caused when involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, burns and scarring can occur. There are many automobile accidents that occur daily in the State of Georgia. One of our experienced Georgia personal injury lawyers can provide you with a free of charge consultation to review your auto accident case to determine your case value. Often scars occur when windshield glass is broken on impact and causes cuts. In addition, fires arising from a car wreck will cause burns to the auto accident victim. Both burns and scars cause long term physical and emotional distress. You are entitled to compensation for burn injuries, emotional distress and pain and suffering.  Our experienced injury lawyers know the law and will be able to determine what is owed to you.

Emotional Stress from Burns and Scars

Emotional and mental distress can be caused if you have burns and scarring from a car crash. Burns are painful and can cause mental trauma. This includes anxiety and depression. Most car accident lawsuits in Georgia and surrounding metro Atlanta are related to burns and scarring are due to a negligent driver. This can be a hit and run accident, rear end collision or side impact car collision. This means your injuries were caused due to carelessness of another person. Breach of duty, duty and proximate or direct cause and injury are the four negligent elements in a car wreck or other negligence case.

The law allows compensation for permanent life-changing effects, medical costs and burns and scarring.

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Georgia Automobile Insurance Claims for Burn Injuries

Lawsuits for burns and scarring may require testimony from expert witnesses and medical doctors.  If a local ambulance was called to transport you from the accident scene to the emergency room, then this medical treatment will all become a part of your case. This is why injury lawyers are valuable. The law is complicated and an experienced burn injury attorney in Georgia will help with the process. We can start by obtaining a copy of the police report from the local jurisdiction that arrived on the scene. We will assist you in a determination of your property damage claim and help you determine what insurance may be available to cover your losses. Automobile liability insurance from the negligent driver, uninsured motorist coverage from you own policy and collision coverage for property damage all are insurance coverage that come into play in an most all auto accident cases. In addition, you may have med pay on your auto policy to help pay for medical bills. If you have suffered disabling injuries or long term injuries, then handling your claim and final settlement will take time. An Injury law firm in Alpharetta can to help with these situations. Burns and scarring are long term injuries.

Recovery of Medical Expenses for Burn Accidents

In 2009 over two thousand serious injuries occurred due to car fires from accidents. The cost of treatment for burn victims can cost up to and over $10,000 just for a day. Not including skin grafts and reconstructive surgery. Often an Orthopedic Surgeon will perform surgery related to auto accidents or an Cosmetic Surgeon experienced in performing reconstructive surgery incurred from an auto accident. You will need to be compensated for this. Victims can face months and years of chronic pain, hospitalization and rehabilitation. For more serious burns, reconstructive surgeries can last long periods of time. Often times, scars cannot be altered with cosmetic surgery resulting in a lifetime of pain. That is why if you have suffered burns and scarring due to a negligent driver, you need an Alpharetta Burn Injury Lawyer.  The experienced team of injury lawyers at Howe & Associates will be able to work with the insurance company, investigate what caused the fire, gather medical records, determine losses and negotiate your final settlement.

The Right Burn Accident Attorneys will Fight for You!

Car accidents can also lead to financial distress. How will you pay bills if you are disabled and cannot work? Who will provide for you and your family? The law says you are entitled to loss of income compensation, general damages or punitive damages. Time will be needed to rebuild your life and one our car accident attorneys will be able to determine what you rightfully deserve during this long recovery period.

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