After a car accident, most people immediately think it in terms of their personal safety and wellbeing or that of family or friends in the vehicle. Then comes concern for anyone else that might have been hurt from the accident. Eventually, after the incident stress and immediate shock goes away, the recovery phase begins. Part of that includes trying to figure out transportation after a car accident if one’s car has been totally destroyed by the accident or, as happens in cases where someone may have done something illegal, the car has been damaged and impounded. Both leave a driver without any transportation whatsoever.

transportation after car accident

Personal Injury Attorneys Provide Options

A car accident lawyer can help with critical post-accident support, providing the needs most accident victims themselves don’t necessarily have the immediate cash available to support. This can include rental car help on a long-term basis until a victim and client has the means to take over the issue or finds another way to regain needed daily transportation.

The loss of a car is no small matter. People rely on their cars every day for the ability to commute to work, take the kids to school and pick them up, take care of errands, go to church, get groceries, got to the hospital and doctor, and far more. Many take for granted the quick and easy conveniences available with a working car that become painfully apparent when that vehicle is gone. Friends and family may help in the first few days but many get tired quickly of being someone else’s taxi. Ultimately, a victim will need to make arrangements for himself again to be able to get around effectively.

Getting Legal Help

Since a car accident lawyer is generally familiar with the needs of clients right after a vehicle accident, many such attorneys have programs and assistance they can provide clients. These services are not free, but an attorney can defer the cost and include it in the math of recovery in a lawsuit against the offending driver who caused the accident and his insurance company. Because of this ability to front the expense for a while, clients can get back to their lives faster while their attorney works to recover a financial payment for pain and suffering realized, including loss of life opportunity and their vehicle.

The Common Problems Getting a Rental Car

While technically a person could go out and just use a second car if one is available, most have only one primary vehicle. That means an immediate replacement happens either by purchasing a replacement car or renting one. Neither are cheap, and most people don’t have the immediate cash available to put down for such expenditures, especially for a long-term period. As a result, many car accident victims often find themselves being impacted twice, once by the accident and again by the loss of a car.

Rental Car Locations in Alpharetta:

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Avis Roswell Rent-A-Car
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In Summary

A serious car accident can result in big expenses, especially in terms of immediate transportation needs. Fortunately, there are options and solutions within legal resources to address these financial demands so that an accident victim can get back on his feet with work and basic life. No one should assume that he has to pocket rental car expenses due to a car accident. This can be a big mistake, especially given the cost of even a small rental car charging $20 to $30 a day. An experienced accident attorney can help guide a person in these regards and is a valuable resource to take advantage of.

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