Obtain Medical RecordsWhen you file a personal injury lawsuit, one of the first things you need to prove is that an injury of some kind did occur because of the negligence of another person. In order to prove this, you will need sufficient evidence of your injury. The simplest way to provide this evidence is to obtain your medical records from the doctor after your accident.

How Can I Obtain My Medical Records?

Because of HIPPA, patients have the right to obtain a physical copy of their medical records. Typically, you simply need to contact the medical records department and ask them to release your medical records to you. In some cases, you may need to sign a form before the hospital will allow you access to your records.

Can My Doctor Ever Withhold My Medical Records?

In general, a medical professional cannot keep you from obtaining your medical records. However, your doctor may be able to deny your request for records for a couple of reasons.

  • if your records are a part of a lawsuit the doctor is preparing fo
  • if your doctor believes there is information in your records that could put you or another person in danger

How Soon Will I Get My Records?

After a request for your medical records has been submitted, your health provider is required to release your records within 30 days. If a few weeks pass after you submit your request, it is a good idea to follow up on your request to avoid a delay.

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