Typically, you would pay the retainer when hiring a personal injury lawyer. But with personal injury cases, our firm works the case on a contingency basis (no collection, no fee arrangement). The law firm takes a percentage of the recovery, only if the case has a recovery involved. The client doesn’t have to put up any money, instead the law firm puts up all the money up front in the case. There are also a lot of incidental charges that the law firm handles, and let the client concentrate on getting well and returning to where they were before the accident.

If a suit is filed, do the clients have to go testify in court? Typically, they do not, and less than 3% of the cases ever go to court. At Howe & Associates, we have five attorneys that are experienced trial law attorneys. We prepare every case as if it might go to trial, even though most cases are settled and never go to trial. Depositions often do occur, but they happen early in the litigation are if they occur, they are done in a law office and not the court room.