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Medical Knowledge and your Personal Injury Lawyer

A serious injury not only creates a lot of personal and financial stress, but you may find yourself with  long term medical needs.  Those medical conditions often cause you to miss work and may involve high medical expenses.  Some injured parties defer ongoing treatment after the injury due to these difficulties.  Don’t make that mistake.   Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney with a proven track record can help you navigate the array of challenges the often follow a serious injury.

One of the biggest factors that can negatively impact your case is not continuing to receive regular medical treatment and evaluations.  There are ways to recover these expenses and prematurely discontinuing your treatment sends the wrong message to the insurance company.  They will use that against you and argue that your injuries are not as serious as you claim, since you’ve stopped receiving ongoing treatment.  A seasoned personal injury attorney will help you track and document your ongoing medical treatment.

How important is it that your Personal Injury Lawyer understand the medical side of your case?  It is very important and can have a direct impact on whether you receive an award and the amount of that award.  If your case goes to trial, having an experience attorney who is comfortable explaining and demonstrating the impact of your injury can make the difference in winning the case vs. loosing.

Many cases never actually go to trial, but this medical knowledge is still vital when presenting the claim to the insurance company.  Understanding the Mechanism Of Injury and the impact that has on the accident victim also allows the attorney to better monitor the treatment the injured person is receiving.

Insurance companies will often attempt to downplay the impact of an injury, especially if the injured parties attorney appears to not have a wide range of medical knowledge and lacks the understanding of the specifics of the injury.  The attorneys at Howe & Associates take this seriously, and not only are they knowledgeable about  common injury types  (Spinal Injuries, Neck Injuries, Head Trauma, Fractures,etc), they also utilize visual aids to help win your case.

It is also important that you continue to receive medical treatment beyond the initial visit to the emergency room.

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The lawyers of Howe & Associates. are here to protect your interests if you have suffered a serious personal injury. From our offices in Georgia, we serve people injured in accidents throughout the entire State of Georgia.

We know that insurance companies will use your mistakes against you. As attorneys representing you, we are here to help you obtain the medical care you need and the compensation you deserve.

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