motorcycle personal injury lawsuit alpharettaAt Howe & Associates, we have dedicated a portion of our staff to handling motorcycle accident personal injury lawsuits. The reason we have given special attention to these type of accidents is because motorcycle accident lawsuits are uniquely different than any other personal injury claim. They require an exceptional knowledge of the factors which influence the claim made by a motorcycle driver and the specific skills needed for a successful lawsuit.

Continue reading to learn more about what sets a motorcycle personal injury lawsuit apart from other automotive accident cases.

Overcoming Bias Against Motorcycle Drivers

One of the first tasks in a motorcycle accident personal injury case is addressing the bias against motorcycle drivers by a jury. Commonly held beliefs about motorcycle drivers, while often untrue, can prevent a successful case or lower the settlement offered for injuries.

The most common negative opinions about motorcycle drivers include:
● Motorcycle drivers drive dangerously or with disregard for the speed limit.
● Motorcycles are hard to see, and the other driver should not be held responsible.
● Motorcycle drivers are criminals or members of gangs.

Even though these beliefs are typically untrue, you will still have to work against this bias in court. In order to increase your chances of obtaining compensation for medical bills, wage loss, and emotional damages, it is important to hire a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with this bias.

A skilled attorney will be able to overcome the bias against motorcycle drivers in court. By presenting clear facts about the accident and the use of character witnesses, an attorney can help you gain the compassion of the judge and the jury and increase you chance of a successful suit.

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In part 2 of this blog post, we’ll wrap things up with 2 more things that sets motorcycle personal injury lawsuits apart from other types of personal injury cases. Stay tuned next week!