When a driver is involved in a minor car accident, they may walk away without any injuries. It isn’t uncommon for these drivers to refuse medical attention and leave the accident without reporting. The truth is, you should report every accident you are involved in to both law enforcement and your insurance company.


Injuries May Surface Over Time

Even if you feel fine after your accident, there are specific injuries that may take to display symptoms. It isn’t uncommon for soft tissue injury to surface the next day or even a few days after an accident. If this happens, and you decide to file a personal injury claim, reporting your accident to both your insurance company and law enforcement will be a crucial part of your claim.

Your Car Insurance Requires Reporting of All Accidents

Many drivers neglect to report a minor car accident because they are afraid their insurance premiums may increase. Still, your insurance policy requires that you report all accidents. Also, if they discover the unreported accident, they may deny you coverage in the future.

The Other Driver May Fail to Make Good on Their Promise

In some minor car accidents, the drivers reach a spoken agreement to work things out to avoid reporting the accident to law enforcement or insurance. However, if the other driver fails to make good on their promise, you will have to cover the repairs to your vehicle without financial help from either insurance company.

If you are involved in an accident that results in property damage and injuries, you might have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. At Howe & Associates Personal Injury Law, our experienced attorneys can assist you with your claim. To schedule a consultation, visit our contact page or call 404-285-4205.