As personal injury lawyers, we occasionally speak with drivers who are concerned about protecting themselves after being involved in a car accident they believe they caused. Whether or not you were injured, a car accident can be alarming and disorienting. In the height of the emotions and anxiety, it is important to avoid some common mistakes if you believe you may be at fault.

#1. Never admit fault. Even if you believe you caused the accident beyond a shadow of a doubt, do not admit fault to the drivers involved or the law enforcement who report to the scene. You have a limited perception of the accident, and there may be other circumstances that could protect your from fault or place fault on the other driver.

#2. Always call the police. If you believe you are at fault in a car accident, you may feel nervous about calling the police. Most states require that accidents involving injuries or significant property damage involve the police. It is better to be safe and call the police than to face the legal consequences that could follow if you choose not to call.

#3. Always call your car insurance company. Because many drivers are afraid that their insurance premiums may increase, they may hesitate before reporting an accident to their car insurance company. This is a big mistake. If your insurance company learns of the accident through the other driver, they could deny coverage for the accident or future claims.

#4. Always disclose the details of the accident to the police. Avoiding admission of fault is not the same as being dishonest with the police. If you omit details or are dishonest because you want to avoid the consequences, you could face additional penalties. Instead, disclose the details of the accident from your perspective completely.

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We’ve met with a lot of drivers who have questions particularly about how to protect themselves after being involved in a vehicular accident wherein they think they are the ones who caused it.