What if you’ve been in an accident and you’re partially at fault, can you recover money for you injuries? Richard explains the way the courts rule on this kind of situation.

Georgia uses what’s called comparative negligence. This means that if you are at fault a certain percentage in a case, you can still recover damages. The court will look at the percentage of negligence of either party and based upon that percentage, you can obtain a recovery. This is only if the the other party was a certain percentage at fault greater than you.

Our law firm has handled many cases in which our client has suffered an injury through the fault of someone else in which the client may have done something that was partially at fault, however the other party was for example at 80% at fault.

Even if our client was 20% at fault, we have been able to recover damages up to 80% of what they would have gotten if the other party was at 100% at fault.