Experience Wins Every Time

In my practice of law which is now covered a period of twenty years, I have often asked what criteria people choose when choosing an attorney. Deciding on a lawyer or law firm is a huge decision for any client and having handled countless injury cases since 1985 the first decision-making criteria when choosing an attorney is experience. People have suffered a substantial injury want to make sure that they choose an attorney in a law firm that has vast personal injury experience. There’s just simply no replacement for experience when it comes to handling a personal injury case. They want a law firm that has handled large recoveries and catastrophic injuries and our firm was founded in 1985 our attorneys have a combined 120 years of litigation experience. Throughout that entire thirty years we’ve conducted hundreds jury trials we have a long long list of cases where we have secured very large settlements and verdicts for our clients. We’ve been there we’ve been there so many times before so we’re able to draw on our experience from handling every new case. They have to have experience in dealing with most all insurance companies and know how these insurance companies think and how they operate. Our law firm has had the benefit of having attorneys who have vast experience on both sides of the fence. We have attorneys who have worked for many years as in-house counsel for defense companies and insurance companies. So we know very well how they think and how they value the cases and what we need to do to maximize the recovery in every circumstance. So in order to me are number one criteria which is to put the most money in our clients pocket at the end of every case, the law firm has to be keenly aware of all the issues that affect the case.

A Firm with Quality Service

The second buying criteria that our clients tell us is service. Clients want and need an experienced attorney and staff that will guide them every step of the way during a case. We place a high priority and having our clients informed throughout the throughout the entire case. We provide them with vast amount of written material immediately upon our representation so that they can know what to expect at every phase of their case.

Find an Aggressive Attorney

The next buying criteria is aggressiveness. In interviewing clients why they choose attorneys, they want someone that is going to fight for them. They’ve been injured they don’t really know how to fight for themselves. They want and aggressive professional law firm that will fight for them to be aggressive to maximize their recovery.