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There are many civil scenarios, but some examples include:

a.       A vehicle wreck happens, and someone is killed.
b.      Machinery malfunctions and someone is killed.
c.       Improper medication is prescribed and someone is killed.

Wrongful death cases are brought on behalf of the next of kin, or surviving spouse.

Every case is different, but damages awarded are designed to make the injured party (next of kin, surviving spouse) full again.  Damages might include:

a.      Lost Wages
b.      Pain and Suffering
c.      Loss of Future Income
d.      Any other financial losses that result from the death.

It is important that you consult with an experienced trial law firm if you are considering a wrongful death case.  There is never a case where you should not consult an attorney first.  Oftentimes, insurance companies are involved in wrongful death cases, and they are very efficient at making sure you receive the minimum amount possible for your claim.  Call our office and speak with Mr. Howe, if you might be considering a case.