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Often people will associate whiplash with car accidents. However, often people in car accidents end up with herniated and bulging disks. The lower part of your back can be injured in a car crash. If an accident occurred leaving you with injuries, call a personal injury attorney in Alpharetta, GA. There will be medical bills and you will need to pay out of pocket for them until your settlement is received. By law, there is a deadline for filing. In order to protect yourself, it is important to act quickly. Let an attorney handle your case.

Having pre-existing injuries to your lower back can increase the chances of herniated and bulging disks when involved in a car wreck. Should this be the case for you, it may be difficult to receive compensation from the insurance company. A personal injury attorney will fight for you. In Alpharetta there are attorneys who will give you a free consultation. It will benefit you to hire an attorney to deal with the insurance company.

Herniated and bulging disks are not always diagnosed right away. The pain will often creep up on people gradually. This can happen weeks and even months later. Shooting pains down your legs and arms are symptoms of herniated and bulging disks. Car accident victims can also experience tingling and numbness up and down their legs and arms.

For doctors to properly identify this type of injury, an MRI, x-ray or physically examination may be necessary. To be treated you may have to see a specialist doctor and have a non-surgical spinal decompression. You may need physical therapy or injections. Even with this, your pain may only be relieved temporarily. In more severe cases, surgery may be needed. All of the medical expenses will add up quickly. Just an MRI can cost almost $2,000.

Seeking council from a personal injury attorney in Alpharetta will help get your life back on the right path. Without a lawyer, expect to be offered a low ball estimate. Insurance companies will fight herniated and bulging disk injuries. You will want a lawyer who will understand how to get you the maximum compensation. Insurance companies will try pointing the finger at previous injuries. With the right lawyer, you will obtain compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, medical bills, car repair and more.

When involved in a car accident, medical treatment is important. You will need to have the injury properly diagnosed by a neurologist or orthopedist. Do not go straight to see a chiropractor. Emergency room doctors are not likely to identify herniated and bulging disks. During treatment, do not talk to insurance claims adjustors. Get legal counsel immediately.

If you have pre-existing injuries, it will be even more difficult to get compensation. Dealing with this on your own will lead to getting less or no compensation. Should your case go to court, a lawyer will need to prove your injuries were caused or aggravated by the accident. If symptoms from pre-existing injuries are causing you pain after a car accident, the at-fault driver should be held responsible. To receive a fair settlement a personal injury attorney will have to make your case to a jury. Your attorney will need to present clear evidence of your injuries. You cannot do this alone. Let a lawyer handle your case for you.

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