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Head injuries can and do happen in auto accidents more often than one might imagine. In the Atlanta Georgia area there are more car wrecks in recent years due to the growing communities, thus more and more head injuries are reported.

Head Injury Stats

There are millions of individuals that suffer head injuries every year with most being minor

  • Vehicle accidents are the major cause of head injuries with around 28% resulting in traumatic brain injuries.
  • Sports injuries cause 20% of reported traumatic brain injuries
  • Close to half of the serious head injuries reported required hospitalization with 34% of injury deaths reported in the US being attributed to traumatic brain injuries

Severe damage to the brain can occur even if the person did not lose consciousness, which can result in long-term disability.

Head Injury – What you need to know – Seeking Medical Attention

If you are a loved one has suffered from a head injury in an auto accident you need to know what symptoms to watch for so you can seek medical attention.

Medical attention should be sought immediately if:

  • The person becomes sleepy
  • The behavior of the person changes
  • They have a stiff neck
  • They begin to have a severe headache
  • They lose consciousness even for a few seconds
  • Begin vomiting

The video above shows how serious an auto accident head injury can be.  Emergency treatment is needed if the person has convulsions, has trouble with their vision, taste, smell, or hearing, if a discharge begins to run from the mouth, ears or nose, if the pupils change in size, if the skull swells, if there is bruising, the inability to more arms or legs, low rate of breathing, low blood pressure, and confusion. It is very important to keep an eye on anyone that has suffered a head injury in an auto crash, as there could be severe brain damage that may not be noted at the time of the accident.

If you or a loved one has experienced a head injury due to an auto accident and live in the Alpharetta Georgia area,  contact us today!

If you are a family members has suffered a head injury in car crash it is important that you not only seek medical treatment but that you also seek legal counsel. We have years of experience helping clients with personal injuries received the compensation they are due from head injuries. We do all the negotiating with the insurance company so you can recover from your injuries or be by the side of a family member that has suffered a head injury.

Too many times, head injuries results in various medical treatments including a stay in hospital or treatment by specialist like an Neurologist. It is important that you have an attorney that is experienced in working with insurance companies and head injury victims.

Our team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys can help guide you thru the complicated world of injury litigation.  Head injuries can change your entire life, including future income earning potential.  We always offer a free consultation, so there is no obligation on your part to discuss your situation with us.

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