Georgia distracted driving law changes would shift what’s legal and what’s not when driving and using cell phones for work and most other reasons.

Studies have shown that accidents can happen if you simply take your eyes off the road for 3 seconds. The typical texting event takes approx. 5 seconds.  This shows how dangerous texting and driving can be.  The most common type of auto accident that results from distracted drivers is the rear end collision. Police typically will issue a citation to the person who hit the other car from behind.  Weather can mitigate the case, but drivers are still responsible for changing driving habits during inclement weather.  Distracted drivers normally impact at a higher speed and sometimes don’t even have an opportunity to brake before hitting the car in front.  You can listen to Attorney Richard Howe discuss distracted drivers during his radio show on NewsTalk 1160.  Click here to listen to this episode.

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