Personal injury cases are difficult enough when the facts are in plain black and white. However, there are certain situations that make a lawsuit more complicated. If you lent out your car to a friend, and they were involved in a wreck where someone else was injured, it is important to understand your rights.

Will My Insurance Cover the Claim?

While many believe that your insurance won’t cover an accident if you lend your car to a friend, that actually is not true. Unless otherwise specified in your insurance policy, most policies follow the car instead of the driver. Because of this, you can expect that your insurance will cover the claim. However, it is important to understand that, if a claim is filed, your insurance premiums will rise as a result.

Could I Be Held Liable in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If someone was injured an accident that occurred while a friend was driving your car, you might be held responsible. If the driver of you car was found to be at fault, you could be held responsible for negligently lending out your car to an irresponsible or impaired driver. In an automotive accident where the driver of your car was determined to be at fault, you should hire an experienced attorney to represent you.

Sometimes, accidents happen. Unfortunately, those accidents may have serious consequences in your life if you are found liable for an accident that occurred when you let a friend borrow your car. If you truly want to protect yourself in a personal injury lawsuit, the attorneys at Howe & Associates have experience working with personal injury claims of all kinds.

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