who is at fault in a slip and fall case


Do you know who is at fault in a slip and fall case and how to prove it?

Every year, numerous people sustain injuries after slipping and falling on a slippery floor or faulty staircases. It’s possible that the owner of the property where the fall occurred neglected to maintain a safe environment. If so, they may be found responsible for the injury that occurred. At Howe & Associates, our attorneys have extensive experience proving fault in slip and fall cases.

Proving Negligence in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

In order to prove fault in a slip and fall case, our attorneys must have evidence. Furthermore, they need evidence that the owner of the property was negligent and their negligence was the cause of the accident. There are four key elements of proving negligence.

  • First, you must prove the duty of care or responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.
  • Once the property owner’s responsibility to maintain a safe environment is clear, you must prove that they failed to do so.
  • Next, our attorneys must prove that the breach of duty was what caused the accident.
  • Finally, we need evidence of significant damages.

In personal injury law, damages could include a physical injury, emotional suffering, or damage to property.

Premises Liability Cases at Howe & Associates

At Howe & Associates, our experienced attorneys can manage your premises liability cases. Premises liability cases are lawsuits in which someone sues a property owner after a third party sustains an injury on their property.

Gathering evidence in a slip and fall case can be tricky if you don’t have help. It requires a thorough understanding of premises liability lawsuits. If you have injuries from a fall and you believe the property owner neglected to maintain the safety of their property, we should talk. The Howe & Associates personal injury attorneys have the experience needed to handle your claim.

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