In Part 1 of this two-part blog post, we talked about the basic facts about emotional distress. Now let’s discuss how to document emotional distress and how it can help your personal injury claim.

Documenting Emotional Distress

The best way to win emotional distress damages is to provide compelling evidences of the emotional consequences of either negligent or intentional actions by the defendant. Keeping careful documentation of your experience is one way to provide this evidence to your personal injury lawyer and there are two ways you can go about documenting your emotional distress.

Keep a Written Record: As soon as symptoms of emotional distress begin to surface, begin writing down each symptoms as they occur. This could start as early as onsite, immediately after the accident occurs, or may take days to come to the surface. While recording, try to be a specific as possible. Use a written journal, a note taking app on your smartphone, or word document on your computer to track how frequently you experience your symptoms, how intense the emotions are, and how they are negatively impacting your day to day life.

See a Doctor or Therapist: If your symptoms of emotional distress begin negatively influence activities of daily living, see a doctor or therapist immediately. This is not only crucial to beginning your journey back to personal wellness, it also plays a role in proper documentation. Once your lawsuit begins, your lawyer can use the detailed notes provided by your doctor to prove emotional distress occurred as a result of your accident.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

If you believe you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, a professional and knowledgeable attorney is crucial to winning your case. At Howe & Associates, one of our experienced personal attorneys can work closely with your to gather information for your lawsuit. If you have been injured or experienced emotional distress because of another’s negligent or intentionally harmful actions, call 404-285-4205 or click here to contact Howe & Associates.