With our law firm being located near an interstate in Alpharetta, we’ve seen many truck accident cases. So, we have a great deal of experience in that area. We take great pride in being able to adequately and thoroughly represent victims in these types of cases.

How to Determine Driver Liability

In many ways, trucking accidents are similar to an automobile accident case. For example, you have the same issues in determining liability. Therefore, ask the following questions to help determine liability.

  1. Was the driver speeding?
  2. Was the driver drinking?
  3. Did the driver fail to control their vehicle?
  4. Was the driver paying attention?
Most trucking accidents are much more complicated than a car accident. Therefore, the victims involved in a truck accident need to make sure that they utilize a law firm that has notable experience handling truck accident cases.
Also, a typical motor vehicle weighs around 5,000 pounds. While the weight of an eighteen-wheeler can weight over 85,000 pounds. So for that reason alone, typical injuries suffered in these accidents are much more catastrophic than in an automobile accident.

Federal Trucking Laws Impact Recovery Opportunities:

Many Federal laws immediately come into play when a truck accident occurs. Some laws govern the conduct of truck drivers. To clarify, their conduct needs to be studied and considered to attach liability to the driver or trucking company.
  • Was there proper training for the driver?
  • Were the necessary inspections to the truck or trailer completed?
  • Did the driver exceed the number of driving hours?

What to do Immediately Following the Accident Involving an Eighteen-Wheeler:

After an accident, it’s important to act quickly to improve your chances for maximum recovery.
First, you should always photograph the accident scene and collect computer data from the tractor-trailer.  In addition, contact a truck accident expert who can get involved immediately and who can conduct an accident reconstruction of the scene.
In other words, immediately contact a law firm that has experience in truck accident cases. The sooner you have an attorney involved in the case, the better results can be obtained.

Trucking Accidents