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Serious accidents occur daily on Construction Sites. Due to the nature of the building project and the type of machinery and equipment used on these sites, accidents happen, despite the safety controls used. Workers that may be injured on these sites need to know their rights when injured on a project.

With the amount of new projects built in Alpharetta, Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia over the past two decades, this city has been growing at a very high rate. These injuries can occur from machinery malfunctions, handling heavy or cumbersome loads, making movements of repetitive nature, and by simply negligence of a co-worker. The resulting injuries can affect most any part of the body, including the back, neck hands, shoulders, feet, arms and legs. When construction accidents occur, they are usually caused by the negligence of those responsible for the safety of the worksite, which may include the site supervisor, subcontractors and most likely the owner of the project. The proper course of action before and during each project is to have each job site inspected and checked for safety by safety inspectors for potentially hazardous materials, surfaces and faulty equipment. There are many companies that have safety inspectors in Alpharetta and in the Marietta, Georgia areas as well.

Unfortunately, despite the safety controls implemented in these Atlanta, Georgia projects, some inspectors overlook certain hazardous conditions and allow the project to continue, resulting in an injury to a construction worker. In Alpharetta alone last year, there were many documented injuries that could have been avoided.

Construction Site accidents often result in serious injuries and can change the lives of the injured worker forever. Head and brain injuries on Atlanta construction sites or even spinal cord injuries have occurred due to the negligence of others. These serious injuries usually require the services of medical personnel, such as orthopedists, neurologists, surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapists. There are many qualified orthopedic doctors and surgeons in the Alpharetta, Georgia area that treat injuries caused by construction site negligence. Often, an Atlanta based neurologist will be involved in treatment of injuries should there be damage to nerves or other neurological bodily injury. One of the metropolitan area’s many hospital emergency rooms, such as North Fulton Hospital on the north side, Kennestone Hospital on the west side of the city, Dekalb Medical Center and Emory in the mid-town district and Piedmont Hospital, Northside Hospital and Grady Memorial in downtown all treat these types of injuries.

For many years, our experienced construction site accident law firm has represented injured victims for injuries on sites, including slip and falls, roofing accidents, misuse of tools, electrical accidents, defective equipment, falling objects, fires and explosions, scaffolding equipment accidents, improper use of safety restraints, power tool misuse, operating equipment misuse, and welding accidents. We will conduct a free of charge personal injury consultation at one of our Atlanta offices so that you can determine whether you have a personal injury case to pursue.

Construction sites are dangerous places where serious accidents can occur, and despite the level of safeguards that most construction companies follow, accidents can happen. These accidents can affect the construction worker, as well as those passing by sites and pedestrians near or at the site. If you, or someone you know, have suffered a construction injury, contact our office to speak with one of our qualified attorneys for a free consultation.

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