alpharetta truck accident settlement lawyerLast week, we talked about two of the most common personal injury settlements for truck accidents which are (1) left-turn collisions and (2) negligent or impaired driving. This week, let’s discuss the remaining two which are caused by negligent business operations and sudden, unexpected stops on the road.

Corrupt or Negligent Business Operation

The fault in an accident involving a semi-truck doesn’t always fall on the driver. In some cases, a driver may be working for a negligent or corrupt business whose actions resulted in an accident. In some collisions, faulty equipment is at fault because the company failed to perform required inspections, maintenance or repairs. Accidents can also occur when a company has placed pressure on their employees to drive above the legal limits that sometimes stretch to very long hours without rest or stops causing the fatigue which impaired their driving.

Quick, Unexpected Stops

Due to the size of semi-trucks, they can become a hazard or a major distraction if they make a quick or unexpected stop in the road. In some cases, car accidents in the line of traffic ahead can bring everyone to a sudden stop which in turn causes related vehicular accidents. Many unfortunate, life changing or fatal accidents occur because a truck is stopped or jack-knifed in the roadway.

Each accident involving a semi-truck is unique, and there are many factors to be considered before moving forward with a personal injury settlement. When you work with a knowledgeable attorney, they can help you seek out compensation for medical expenses, emotional damages, lost wages, and care repairs from all parties at fault.

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