truck accident injury attorney alpharettaAccidents involving semi-trucks can have catastrophic results, including injury or death for the individuals involved in the accident. At Howe & Associates, we work routinely work with clients who are seeking compensation in a personal injury settlement after being involved in a truck accident. Commercial semi-trucks accidents are unique-different from many of the personal injury settlements we handle at our firm. Depending on the exact details of your accident and injury, you may be able to seek settlements from not only the driver, but the manufacturer of the vehicle and the driver’s employer as well.

You are not alone. An estimated 330,000 accidents involving a semi-truck occurred in 2012 alone. The exact circumstances of these accident vary, and not all collisions result in a personal injury settlement. Continue reading to learn more about the most common personal injury settlements for truck accidents.

Left Turn Collisions

The weight and size of a semi-truck can play a role in many accidents. During a left turn, a truck can become a hazard to the other drivers on the road. Determining whether there was fault in a left turn collision depends heavily on the unique circumstances of the accident. The driver, the manufacturer, and the employer could all be held responsible for injuries occurring in a left turn collision.

Negligent or Impaired Driving

It isn’t uncommon for semi-truck accidents to occur as a result of driver negligence or impairment. If a driver is operating their truck while under the influence or is driving while fatigued, the quality of their driving can suffer, resulting in an accident. Sometimes, the driver is simply making poor choices. Running stop lights, speeding, following too close, or breaking laws can cause dangerous and devastating crashes. If you have been injured as a result of driver negligence or impairment, a personal injury settlement from a professional truck accident lawyer can hold them responsible for the consequences of their actions.

These are just two of the four most common personal injury settlements for truck accidents. Come back next week for the second installment of this blog post.