Car accidents are complicated legal cases. As Richard explains, there are a lot of different factors the go into a car accident case. Every car accident case in Alpharetta, Georgia is going to be different. There are many issues that come into play with a case like this.


What’s Involved in a Car Accident Case

  • Liability
  • Damages
  • Injuries

Theses are different in every case and there are so many different variables in every type of negligence case.

The chances of you winning your accident case really boils down to whether the other party is liable.

If you caused the car accident, there’s really no chance at you being able to recover damages for your injuries. If the other party is liable and there are damages, or injuries including medical injuries or lost wages then there is a good chance of obtaining a recovery in your case.

The higher or more significant the injuries the greater the amount is that you’re likely to recover.

There’s really no certain way that you’re going to recover in your case until our law firm looks at your case and looks into the carious issues surrounding your car accident.