You often hear about tragic motorcycle accidents in the Alpharetta area. What are the primary reasons accidents happen and what can you do to avoid them? Richard reviews some staggering government statistics regarding motorcycle accident rates across the U.S. and what’s causing these accidents.

Our law firm handles a lot of different types of accidents many of which are motorcycle accidents. In our investigation we look into the causes of motorcycle accidents. Because of the warm climate in the Alpharetta area and number a motorcycle drivers, motorcycle accidents are common occurrence.

Our firm has seen a lot of this type of personal injury claim and the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are a failure of the drivers of cars and trucks to either see a motorcyclist, failure to properly yield to the motorcyclist, inexperience of the operation of the motorcycle, road hazards, driver distraction, and excessive speed.

While not as frequent as automobile accidents motorcycle accidents are more likely call serious injury or death government statistics show that there are thirty five times more deaths from motorcycle accidents than from car accidents. The majority of accidents that occur between cars and motorcycles the car strikes the motorcycle from the front about 78 percent of the time. The most dangerous situation for a cyclist is when a car makes a left hand turn. These types of accidents makeup almost half of the automobile and motorcycle crashes. Often the driver the car does not see the motorcycle as it’s coming through an intersection.

Most every time the vehicle that fails to yield and does not see the other driver will be found at fault for the accident however if the motorcycle was speeding or perhaps not in the proper lane, there can be comparative negligence issues that come into play. This may result in a lower recovery or possibly even no recovery for the injured motorcycle driver.

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