Burn Injuries

If you have suffered burn injuries from an auto accident or premise liability case, it is important to seek immediate legal advise. How to deal with an insurance company will require the services of an experienced Alpharetta Law Firm. Our lawyers handle injury cases in Fulton County and neighboring counties of metro Atlanta.

No matter where you may live, in a small town or large city, severe burn injuries occur and can leave emotional as well as physical scars. At our Burn Injury Law Firm we understand the devastating effect that can occur for victims of burn injuries whether the burns were due to a car accident, storehouse, oil tank, natural gas, or fires that started in the kitchen. We come to the aid of victims of burn injuries to ensure they receive due compensation as well as protect their rights.

Lawyers That Will Help You Recover Money for Burn Injury

In the United States, over one million individuals are treated for burn injuries with close to 4,500 dying from their injuries. Across America, over 500,000 burn victims are seen in hospital emergency rooms every year, which includes the Alpharetta, Georgia hospitals.

Questions victims face when suffering from a burn accident or injury:

  • Can I recover money for my burn injury
  • How do I deal with an insurance adjuster to recover damages for my injuries
  • Should I use my health insurance to pay for medical bills if an accident is not my fault
  • Should I send a demand letter to the insurance company to recover money for my injuries

The sad part is that burn are the leading cause of childhood injuries in the nation with close to 250,000 children being burned per year with around 1,000 dying due to burn trauma. Even sadder is that most of the cases could have been prevented.

We take all burn injuries seriously whether they are children or adults and ensure that you receive due compensation for your injuries.

Alpharetta Georgia Burn Injury Attorney

Our personal injury lawyers realize the importance of helping our clients that are victims of burn injuries. We work with individuals that received injuries due to a wide array of burn injuries including thermal which includes radiation, hot liquids, objects, and flame; chemical such as acids; and electrical including lightning and electrical current. Many burn injuries are due to car wrecks, which can be from rear end collisions.

Your Burn Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one is a victim of burn injuries, we understand that your injuries may be worse than just a small wound that blisters, but can do quite a bit of damage causing you a longer stay in an hospital with the possibility of needing a professional like an Neurologist. Serious infections can and do occur at which time you will want the services of a caring and knowledgeable Alpharetta Georgia burn injury lawyer by your side to ensure you receive the compensation you need to cover all of your medical bills along with other monies that are allowed by law.

With a negligent related burn injury, you deserve a highly professional attorney that will do all the work for you such as negotiating with the insurance company to ensure that your rights are not keep in tack and that you do not settle for less than you are entitled to under the law in Georgia.

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