One of the most frustrating injuries a person can face involves slip and falls. Sometimes, a person slips and the only injury is to their ego. They get up, brush themselves off, and after a bit of embarrassment, they go on with their day. But sometimes, the injury is much more severe.

The most serious slip and fall injuries involve head trauma.  When this happens, a person can suffer a concussion or other brain injury.  Closed head injuries may not be immediately apparent on the outside, but this is perhaps the most serious type of injury they can face. These injuries can cause permanent disabilities ranging from minor to severe.  In addition, even minor closed head injuries can result in extended rehabilitation. A personal injury attorney can get you the compensation you need.

Another serious injury involves injuries to the knee.  Knee injuries often result in ligament tears.  Knee injuries are often difficult to treat and often never really heal properly. A person can suffer from pain the rest of their life.  An experienced attorney can help you receive a proper evaluation and ensure that you are made as whole as possible after your accident.

When unsafe property conditions cause an injury, the victim may be able to claim payment for medical bills and other costs associated with an injury.  Many of our clients have been people who have suffered an injury because of a slip and fall or other accident resulting from dangerous property.  At the Atlanta law firm of Howe & Associates our lawyers have been helping injured people since 1985.

When an owner fails to maintain proper safety standards for their property, and an injury occurs, he or she may be held liable for the costs of those injuries under premises liability law. Our attorneys have handled many cases where responsibility for injuries has been placed firmly where it belongs on the negligent property owner. As a result of our efforts, our clients have received fair compensation. If you have been injured as a result of negligence on the part of a property owner, find out if you have a case.

Premises liability law provides different rights and protections depending on the injured personal status on the property. If you are a trespasser, your rights may be less than if you were invited onto the property. Whatever your status, our lawyers will advise you about your options and rights after a slip and fall caused by dangerous property conditions.

Our premises liability lawyers have experience with all types of injuries, including injuries as a result of:

Walkways and sidewalks with broken and damaged pavement

Improperly constructed or missing stair rails or steps

Items or liquids on flooring that were not properly secured

Broken pavement on sidewalks and walkways

Other hazards that produce an unsafe environment

If you have been hurt because of negligent maintenance or unsafe property, contact a lawyer with experience with Georgia premises liability law. Don’t delay, as time limits apply.  Our experienced lawyers work hard to obtain the maximum compensation for your slip & fall injury.