Uninsured Motorist Lawyer

Alpharetta Georgia is a thriving upscale suburb just a few short minutes from the state capital of Georgia, Atlanta. The suburb boasts a growing population of around 60,000 but offering the small town atmosphere that residents enjoy. Since the suburb is growing quickly due to its proximity to Atlanta while offering all kinds of local shopping, restaurants, and events.

Georgia Uninsured Motorist Facts

In the state of Georgia, the law regarding uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist was changed on January 1, 2009 being governed under via O.C.G.A. 33-7-11. In Alpharetta Georgia, there are three choices for uninsured motorist coverage. The three options include stackable uninsured/underinsured coverage, non-stacking uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage, and no uninsured motorist coverage. With this said, you must understand that each option offers different compensation and still may not cover all of your debt after a car wreck involving an uninsured motorist.

Alpharetta Georgia Uninsured Motorist Attorney

If you are involved in an auto accident, even a hit and run or rear end collision, the first step is to contact an Alpharetta Georgia uninsured motorist attorney. The main reason this must be your first step is that even though it is mandatory by law to have auto insurance that will cover others when you are in a car wreck, known as liability insurance, not everyone carries insurance.

It is also important to contact a local Alpharetta ambulance company to be transported to an Alpharetta Hospital Emergency Room such as North Fulton Emergency Room on Alpharetta Highway. From there, you will most likely receive a diagnosis and referral to an Alpharetta Orthopedic Doctor or Alpharetta Neurologist, or possibly an Alpharetta Chiropractor. X-Rays, CAT Scan and an MRI may be taken to determine damage to soft tissue, neck and back injury or injury to other parts of your body. You may then seek the services of an Alpharetta Physical Therapist for ongoing treatment for your automobile accident injuries.

In Alpharetta Georgia as well as other locations across the state, you will need to notify your uninsured motorist insurance company as soon as possible after a car or truck accident, and after you have determined how to obtain a copy of your police report, accident report or incident report from the City of Alpharetta Police Department, The City of Johns Creek Police Department, The City of Roswell Police Department or Fulton County Police Department.

The problem is if the insurance company is not notified within a specific amount of time, you may void your coverage. By using the experience and knowledge of an Alpharetta Georgia uninsured motorist lawyer you can rest assured they will understand your policy and all the procedures to ensure that all papers are filed in time and that you receive the compensation you are entitled under the law. We will also assist you in determining your policy limits on your auto policy.

Your Alpharetta Georgia Uninsured Motorist Lawyer

At our Alpharetta Injury Law Firm, we take the mystery out of understanding the law and the procedures of the insurance company, such as determining what your auto case is worth, how to obtain copies of your medical bills, whether or not you should give a recorded statement to the adjustor, how to settle your property damage claim, and how to handle your rental car coverage.

Insurance companies will want to settle out of court as soon as possible after a car accident. This is a huge mistake and should be avoided if you truly want to receive the compensation that is due you under your own insurance policy or the policy of others. Our professional personal injury team of uninsured motorist’s attorneys will be able to negotiate with the insurance company or defend you in the court of law.

We represent individuals in the Alpharetta area as well other surrounding suburbs and Atlanta that have been in a car crash with an uninsured motorist. You may be entitled for compensation that will cover such things as medical bills, punitive damages, property damage, lost wages, and potential earnings.

As your Alpharetta Georgia uninsured motorist lawyer, we would like to offer a free consultation in our Alpharetta office. You can contact one of your accident lawyers today at 404-285-4205.