Alpharetta Georgia is an upscale wealthy suburb north of Atlanta in Fulton County. The area is growing and thriving with more families moving to Alpharetta for a variety of reasons including its proximity to Atlanta, as well as the many great attractions including the Alpharetta Arboretum at Cogburn Road Park offering a self-guided walking tour of the trees that call the area home.

Slip and Fall Accident Stats

Across the United States, there are more than one million slip and fall accidents reported. Injuries from slip and fall accidents come in various locations, such as a grocery store, retail establishments, apartment complexes and other types of stores.

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If you have suffered from a slip and fall accident caused by a wet surface or some other dangerous condition, you should contact an Alpharetta Slip and Fall Attorney today. Victims of slip and fall accidents in the Alpharetta, Marietta and Atlanta areas have many questions when injured from a fall:

  • Can I get a recovery if I fell and injured my neck and back in a fall at a store?
  • What is a soft tissue injury?
  • How much money can I get in a personal injury case for pain and suffering if I slipped and fell in a store?
  • How do I get a copy of an incident report?
  • How can I locate the name of the insurance adjustor who will help me with my case?
  • How do I find a contingency lawyer for my personal injury case?
  • How do I get an insurance settlement on a slip and fall case?
  • How do I know if the store is liable for my fall?

Alpharetta GA Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents are categorized under injuries that happen on another persons property including commercial buildings and stores.

Injuries that can occur besides slip and fall that can be handled by an Alpharetta Georgia slip and fall attorney include animal bites, lead poisoning, swimming pools, explosions, fires, inadequate security, construction, workplace injuries, and farms to name a few. You deserve compensation for your injuries.

When it comes to any kind of injury that is due to another person’s negligence, you will need the expertise of a slip and fall lawyer. Our personal injury law firm handles slip and fall injury cases in Alpharetta, Marietta and Atlanta, and also surrounding cities such as Roswell, Cumming, and Norcross, Georgia.

The reason is that stores today often state they patrolled the area for any hazards, including wet surfaces and are not responsible for the slip and fall injury. You need an Alpharetta Georgia slip and fall attorney that has the experience in investigating the case to ensure you receive your due compensation.

Your Alpharetta GA Slip and Fall Attorney

We not only work with slip and fall victims, but we have years of experiencing getting to the truth of the reason you were injured. Too many times, the party that is responsible for your injury will state they took all the necessary precautions when there is proof that the step you tripped over was in need of repair for months.

We take each slip and fall case on its own merit and delve into the entire situation to ensure we have all the facts so we can represent our client to the best of our knowledge and that they receive the compensation they are entitled to under the law. We represent not only individuals in Alpharetta Georgia but also Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

We work diligently to receive the most for our clients in the way of lost wages, medical bills, potential earnings, and punitive damages.