Chain Reaction Accident Attorney

Getting injured in an auto collision can be tragic. Lost Wages, Medical Bills and Pain and Suffering can affect most every car accident case in Fulton County and the entire metro Atlanta area.

If you have been injured in an auto collision, it is important to contact an experienced chain reaction accident attorney to handle your case.

Our personal injury law firm handles car accidents, slip and falls and most every accident involving serious injuries in the Alpharetta area and neighboring cities such as Roswell, Norcross and Cumming, Georgia.

Chain Reaction Auto Accidents Explained

Unlike most car wrecks when a driver may see the accident coming and have a few seconds to try to avoid the accident, a chain reaction car accident normally occurs in a split second without any warning. In Alpharetta and the Atlanta Georgia area, chain reaction accidents are not a rare occurrence. These types of accidents often happen when a person is tailgating in heavy traffic and hits the vehicle in front of them that then pushes them into other traffic causing a chain reaction.

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Most questions regarding these types of accidents include:

  • Will the car that hits me from behind be liable for the wreck
  • Will the police officer issue a citation for following too close
  • Can I get a recovery if there is not much property damage
  • Do I need to report an auto accident to my own insurance company
  • Will my premiums increase if an accident was not my fault
  • Can I get a recovery even if I did not go to the hospital

These and many other questions are on the minds of many car wreck victims. With so many individuals in Alpharetta commuting to Atlanta, chain reaction accidents on the highway can be severe as vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

It only takes one car to slow down and the one behind not noticing the change in speed to rear end the vehicle and then the slowed car can easily be pushed into the traffic and a chain reaction is imminent.

Chain Reaction Accident Attorney

At our experience injury law firm we understand of the importance of having a rear end collision law firm by your side to ensure you receive the best representation whether dealing with the insurance companies or the courts.

We have experience in the Atlanta area and work with each one of our clients while taking each case on its own merit.

We are committed to helping all victims of car wrecks to ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, to name a few.

No matter why the chain reaction wreck occurred whether it was due to animal crossing the road, a drunk driver, or texting while driving, we work hand in hand with our clients.

The mounting medical bills are a common occurrence with a chain reaction accident with many individuals needing to be seen by a specialist such as an Alpharetta, Georgia Chiropractor; Alpharetta, Georgia Orthopedist; or an Alpharetta, Georgia Neurologist.

These bills can mount to thousands of dollars and should be addressed immediately by your Alpharetta Georgia chain reaction law firm.

At our Alpharetta Georgia chain reaction law firm, you can rest assured you will have an experience attorney that will negotiate with the insurance company, investigate the chain reaction accident, and do all the leg work to ensure you have the best representation to ensure you receive your just compensation allowed by law.