The attorneys at Howe & Associates have represented car accident victims since 1985.

Our team has experience winning compensation in auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, including single and multi-vehicle car accidents in Alpharetta.

Vehicle Accidents are the cause of many thousands of serious injuries each year. If you have been hurt by the negligence of another driver, contact an experienced accident lawyer immediately.
Advice from our Attorneys

Most insurance companies will generally discourage you from contacting a attorney when you are involved in an accident. They will argue that an attorney is not needed, and that they will give you fair treatment, and also save you the cost of hiring an attorney.

Insurance companies are primarily focused only on their own bottom line.  Saving themselves money, often trumps fairness to the accident victim.  To obtain what you are entitled to, the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney is essential.

In a free consultation, we will carefully evaluate the specifics of your accident.  In addition we will brief you on the process in detail, and map out the best course of action to get you the compensation you deserve.  We can often obtain a settlement with the other drivers insurance company without having to actually file a lawsuit.  Our firm is experienced in taking cases to trial, and we are prepared to take your case as far as needed to obtain a win.

Call us today for a no obligation, free consulation, and get your case started on the right track.