This is the time of year that many folks take vacation and plan all types of exciting trips. Sometime injuries occur as part of this travel. Injuries can occur due to professional negligence on behalf of professional travel carriers or in conjunction with tour or attraction operators. Injuries can occur en-route to the airport, at the airport, on the plane, bus or ship, at the hotel or resort and everywhere in-between.

If you have been injured and believe that your tour operator could have taken reasonable steps towards preventing your injury, call Howe & Associated today.

Common types of vacation injuries include:


In-flight Injuries

  • Scolding due to flight attendant negligence
  • Injuries resulting from poorly secured overhead luggage
  • Slip, trip, or falls due to obstacles blocking the stairway or the aisle

During transfer to or from the airport

Slip, trip or falls due to obstacles in the aisle
Injuries sustained from a road traffic accident
Injuries resulting from poorly secured overhead luggage

While at your hotel or resort

  • Slip, trip, or falls due to wet or uneven surfaces
  • Slip, trip, or falls due to obstacles or poor maintenance in and around the hotel grounds
  • Injuries resulting from poorly secured sun loungers and parasols

While on a trip

Injuries sustained during sporting activities
Injuries sustained from a road traffic accident


As with any personal injury claim, it’s critical for you to gather information to support your claim. Examples of important information includes :

  • Report any instance of holiday injury to your holiday rep and hotel or airline.
  • Request that your comments are officially noted and officially requesting a copy. We recommend you send both emails and snail mail to the hotel/airline, etc requesting this.
  • Take photos or videos showing any suspected poor maintenance, objects or wet floors that caused your injury. Almost everyone has access to a video camera, via their smart phone. If you take a video, note any important things via audio commentary.
  • Keep receipts for any out of pocket expenses you may incur.
  • Keep note of any relevant times, dates, and names.

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